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CurbIQ’s suite of software solutions and service offerings ensure that you can effectively practice digital curb management.

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The all-in-one curbside management software suite to understand, manage, and optimize your curbside.
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Curb Viewer

Helps municipalities, businesses, and residents better understand their curbside regulations in an easy-to-navigate platform
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Curb Manager

Helps municipal staff update regulations in a user-friendly interface and convey these changes effectively
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Curb Analyzer

Lets users analyze the supply, usage, and revenues of curbside space to make more informed planning decisions
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Curb Collection

We collect curbside data and street assets using a variety of advanced processes
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Curb Converter

Digitizes and standardizes city’s regulations to align with an industry standard format (CurbLR or CDS) and to create open regulation data
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Curb Rules API

Disseminate curbside regulations to 3rd parties (e.g. couriers, TNCs, navigation platforms, and CAVs)

Curb Viewer

Curb Viewer is CurbIQ’s map-based visualization tool that allows municipal staff (such as parking managers and transportation planners), to easily navigate and understand their curbside regulations.
Quickly view the regulations that apply to any curb segment, along with other key information such as the price of parking and what time the restriction will change. Information is not limited to the curbside – transportation infrastructure, assets, real-time data, and mobility options can also be displayed.
Practicing digital curb management has never been easier. A simplified version of this map can also be deployed publicly to provide curbside and parking information to residents and visitors alike. This can be embedded in a website or app or act as a standalone platform.

Curb Manager

CurbIQ’s Curb Manager module lets municipalities manage their curbside efficiently by adding, removing, or modifying curbside regulations in an online platform
This tool can be used to quickly make permanent changes, for example adding a “No Stopping” regulation to a busy segment during peak periods, as well as regulations for temporary conditions, such as a road closure for a special event.
Set up a testing environment to try out different configurations before investing in costly physical infrastructure changes.

Curb Analyzer

Curb Analyzer helps municipalities quantify how their curb space is designated and how it is being used, revealing trends that city planners can leverage to better plan for their limited curb space.
It provides visibility into the number of parking spaces by type or user and offers access to customizable information and metrics such as space utilization, revenue generation, or sustainability scores to help municipalities track mobility goals.
Evaluate tradeoffs of different configurations by using the Comparison dashboard to quantify benefits and costs. Historical demand data can also be ingested to supplement inventory, providing holistic information to make informed decisions.

CurbIQ starter kit

Get started with CurbIQ and digital curb management! Analyze your curb, test out new configurations, and share regulations with curb users.

The starter kit includes:
5 miles / 8kms of curb surveying
4 months of access to CurbIQ’s curb management platform
15 hours of complimentary curb management consulting

Curb Data Collection

CurbIQ offers a variety of collection methods, from Open Data Automation with existing data sets to on-street collection through Curb-Level Surveying and Augmented Mobile Mapping processes.
We can collect curbside information for a pilot zone, or city-wide data, using scalable and efficient processes.
Find out more about our curb digitization methods.

Curb Converter

No matter what state your curb data is in, CurbIQ is able to produce a complete digital curbside inventory for you in industry-standard format.
CurbIQ has adopted Curb Data Specification (CDS), a standard developed by Open Mobility Foundation to use for generated curb inventories.
We can also provide data in CurbLR, APDS (Alliance for Parking Data Standards), or any other customized standard provided by the City.

Curb Rules API

CurbIQ’s API allows for data sharing to curbside stakeholders.
Data can be shared to transportation network companies, commercial vehicle dispatchers, and third-party app developers to add curbside regulation data to their own applications and mobility platforms.
The APIs are powered from CDS to provide a standard method to share this information with the public.

CurbIQ for Consulting

CurbIQ offers consulting firms access to our software tools and data collection services.
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Support and expedite parking studies

Clients are using CurbIQ to support and expedite parking studies, mobility plans, active transportation projects, or any curbside related project.

Quantify parking supply and demand

Through collected and converted digital curbside data, it is easy to quantify assets or parking supply and demand, evaluate scenarios for infrastructure projects such as bus or bike lanes, or correlate and identify discrepancies between different regulations and dated information.

Evaluate scenarios for infrastructure projects

Use CurbIQ for your next infrastructure project - whether it's for bus or bike lanes, or correlate and identify discrepancies between different regulations and dated information.
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