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We digitize curbside regulations, empowering cities and businesses to create a planet-positive future.

CurbIQ was created by curbside management experts to help cities gather and understand information about the curb.
CurbIQ background

Curb Management, Transportation, and Technology Experts

CurbIQ’s Co-Creator and Product Director, Peter Richards, is the former chair of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Parking Standing Committee, and is actively involved in the Canadian Parking Association (CPA).

He was instrumental in the development of the City of Toronto’s visionary Curbside Management Strategy — one of the first formal city-wide strategies in North America.

Peter was also the Project Manager for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Curb Space Management Study, one of the largest curbside management strategies completed to-date, and is currently the Project Manager for the SCAG Curb Space Data Collection and Inventory Study, including cities such as Los Angeles and Long Beach.

CurbIQ is an industry leader in the curbside management space, and has been featured in the US DOT’s FHWA Curbside Inventory Report, the Guardian, and more.
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Curbside challenges

Modern solutions for real world problems

Dive into the challenges that CurbIQ addresses by implementing effective solutions for curb management.

Confusing curbside regulations

Cities across the world share a similar challenge: understanding how their curb space has been designated, what the exact regulations are, and when or where these regulations apply.
This makes curbside management difficult.  Signage is confusing and only provides information to drivers at the end of their journey, resulting in cruising for parking, rather than providing this information to drivers in advance and letting them plan ahead.

Increasing demand for a scarce resource

Rideshare apps, connected and automated vehicles, and other emerging trends in mobility are generating significant demands on the already limited curb space in cities. Add this to the existing growing needs of local residents, businesses, visitors, and couriers, and the result is an increase in demand at the curb that cannot be addressed by simply increasing supply.

Inefficient usage due to a lack of information

With information on curbside regulations only available once you arrive at the curb, drivers, rideshare users, and delivery vehicles compete for a handful of on-street spaces while just a block or two away curb space sits empty for most of the day.

The curbside is changing rapidly

City planners need to respond quickly to evolving circumstances and mandates, especially in times of uncertainty, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. Current methods to communicate curbside use changes, which include on-street signage, guidance on a website, or even mail-outs, are outdated and often ineffective. Digital infrastructure is the key to the future of the curb.
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Toronto, Canada

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1043 DJ, Postbus 56825
1040 AV

London, UK

80 Fenchurch Street

Paris, FR

200-216 rue Raymond Losserand,
Partners & integrations

Partners & Integrations

CurbIQ is a member of the Open Mobility Foundation (OMF), a nonprofit industry association that develops open-source tools for cities to manage mobility and the curbside.
CurbIQ continues to be instrumental in the development of data standards for curbside management, such as the Curbside Data Specification (CDS).
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A Product of Arcadis

CurbIQ is a product of technology-driven design firm Arcadis, and is developed by its parking and curbside management experts.

With a rich background in public- and private-sector consulting, the CurbIQ team understands the needs of curbside users, like cities and mobility companies, and the challenges they face.
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