Parking Demand Reporting

CurbIQ's parking and curbside experts generate periodic reports of parking demand along with insights, recommendations, and outlooks​.

Coupling CurbIQ parking and curbside experts with their analytics and software, periodic reports of parking demand can be generated along with insights, recommendations, and outlooks for city staff​.

Seamlessly Ingest Demand Data

CurbIQ has taken on the role of a data aggregator – taking in an array of demand sources and standardizing into one format. This has been applied for these reports, with the ability to ingest: ​

  • Sensor & camera data​
  • Smart meter & kiosk transactions​
  • App payments
  • And more!

CurbIQ Visuals & Analytics

Using the CurbIQ platform, dynamic maps and custom graphs can be created to visualize historical parking demand data, enabling the CurbIQ team to quickly pull summary stats and assess various metrics & scenarios.​

Presentable & Digestible Reports

The CurbIQ team harnesses their consulting expertise to present supply & demand data in an easy to read format for use by staff in internal discussions, council reports, and stakeholder engagement.

Reports can be created on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis – direct access to the CurbIQ platform can also be provided to do a deeper dive on the data​

Custom Insights & Recommendations

These reports are meant to be custom built for each city. This means working with staff to analyze specific problem areas, detect trends, compare historical stats, make comparisons, and extrapolate data to guide policy decisions based on specific needs. Some examples of past reports:​

  • Justify expanding paid parking to Sundays and winter months​
  • Identify low utilized parking lots and repurpose for different uses​
  • Give grounds for implementing permit parking for residents around high demand zones​
  • And more!

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EV Charging

CurbIQ provides real-time data on EV-charging infrastructure for end users and enables data-driven managing and planning of city-wide EV infrastructure.
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Event Venue Wayfinding

Provide an interactive map embedded on event websites so attendees can locate nearby mobility options, find parking, and identify event specific locations
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Managing Curbside Food Trucks

Curbside management for Food Truck e-permitting and scheduling. Dynamic management allows cities to respond to events or real-time high-demand activity.​
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Curbside Sustainability Targets

CurbIQ’s map-based interface is a tool that can help policy makers and analysts develop, plan, track, evaluate, and report on their customized sustainability targets.
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