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Curb Digitization Methods

Whether it is harnessing open data sources or surveying directly on street, CurbIQ’s Curb Converter processes can efficiently and accurately digitize a city’s curb inventory in a standardized format for staff and public use.​

Real-Time Data Integration

CurbIQ integrates real-time curbside occupancy and utilization through a myriad of technologies such as cameras, sensors, and parking apps​

Parking App Integration

Visualize curbside information and real-time curb occupancy in a Parking App. Allocate and navigate to nearest curb for specific queried user groups such as delivery drivers or fleets.​

Parking Demand Reporting

CurbIQ's parking and curbside experts generate periodic reports of parking demand along with insights, recommendations, and outlooks​.

Predictive Parking

Use CurbIQ to understand both real-time and predicted future occupancy, calculated using machine learning models trained with historical demand data.

Parking Studies

Use CurbIQ to streamline parking studies, allowing for efficient evaluation of existing use, implemented policy, and future demand planning in a visual and dynamic interface. ​

Find Available Parking Spaces

Direct drivers to available and regulated parking spaces, while reducing driver stress, overall parking infractions, congestion, and emissions.​

Locate Loading Zones

Provide location data to delivery and rideshare drivers to find nearest, convenient locations for short stays: saving time, avoiding infractions, and preventing blockages.

Flexible Curb Management

Use CurbIQ to dynamically manage the curb and respond to real-time demand. Allow for diverse usage of designated curb spaces.

EV Charging

CurbIQ provides real-time data on EV-charging infrastructure for end users and enables data-driven managing and planning of city-wide EV infrastructure.

Cycling Routes Planning

Use CurbIQ to analyze the impact of different curbside uses along a given route. This allows for quicker roll out of cycle routes based on optimal design.

Curbside Management Strategies

Use CurbIQ to understand the curb space from city-wide down to the segment level. Develop strategies in a holistic manner that optimize this scarce resource while understanding the spectrum of uses and needs.

Inventory Tracking & Updating

Keep track of changes to curbside regulations, both current and historical, through maintenance of a dynamic database and integration of City work orders and updating processes.

Digital Signage

CurbIQ can integrate with digital signage to dynamically update the displayed on-street regulations in real time, allowing for more efficient, effective, and clear curb space management.

Campus Planning and Mobility Management

Curbside and parking management solutions for higher education campuses. Managing mobility options, curbside usage, and real-time parking occupancy maps.

Mobility Hub Management

Use CurbIQ to centralize inventory of mobility options, transit facilities, and curbside allocation. Quantify inventory, monitor usage, and communicate options to help improve users’ travels.

Curbside Sustainability Targets

CurbIQ’s map-based interface is a tool that can help policy makers and analysts develop, plan, track, evaluate, and report on their customized sustainability targets.

Managing Curbside Food Trucks

Curbside management for Food Truck e-permitting and scheduling. Dynamic management allows cities to respond to events or real-time high-demand activity.​

Event Venue Wayfinding

Provide an interactive map embedded on event websites so attendees can locate nearby mobility options, find parking, and identify event specific locations
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