Real-time data sharing, real-time curb management

Keep drivers, rideshares, delivery services, and more in the loop with real-time data on which curbs are available.
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Collaborative Curb Management

All your stakeholders
on the same real-time page

Seamlessly share curb data and reports with cross-functional teams both internally and externally, enhancing communication and streamlining stakeholder workflows at every stage of your curb management journey.
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Data Sharing Features

Real-Time Maps

Parking availability. Loading zones. Taxi stands. Delivery windows. Create the curbside environment you want with CurbIQ Data Sharing.

Curbside Parking

Parking provider integration shows drivers exactly where to find available spots, reducing emissions and enhancing compliance

Taxis & Rideshares

Keep passenger pickups and drop-offs where you want them with curb regulations fed directly to TNC apps in real-time

Loading Zones

Partner with delivery companies to enhance compliance with time-of-day curb regulations

Mobility & Sustainability

Data sharing ensures users know when, where, and how to use curb space, helping you achieve revenue and other strategic goals

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Digitizing the Curb – An Efficient Path to Better Curbside Management

A comprehensive inventory of curb regulations is essential for cities to plan and manage their curbs in more innovative ways.
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