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Own or manage roadways? CurbIQ helps balance curb access for pedestrians, parking, deliveries, rideshares, vendors, and more, achieving revenue and sustainability goals.

What is CurbIQ?

Our curb management solution is a digital hub for curb regulations and usage data, empowering cities, universities, and airports to build intelligent policies that align with strategic goals.

Centralize curb data

Integrate main data sources (e.g, parking and payment providers) into a single, standardized database.

Analyze and model curb regulations

Predict the financial and regulatory impact of proposed regulations and implement changes at scale.
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Leverage intuitive map overlays

Visualize how curb space and mobility assets are shared, utilized, regulated, and monetized.

Achieve your targets

Align curb management with financial, parking, mobility, and other strategies. 

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Curb miles digitized

Transform Capital Costs into Operating Revenue

Curbs are more than an infrastructure to maintain. CurbIQ helps you understand how they’re used and build intelligent policies that maximize long-term revenue.
Digital curbside inventory

Data Collection & Digitization

CurbIQ takes curb regulations and usage data from multiple sources and centralizes it in one convenient database.
Consolidate data on curbside and other street assets
Store data in industry-standard formats (CDS or CurbLR)
Share data with partners and suppliers for efficient, cost-effective collaboration
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Insights and planning

Data Visualization & Modeling

Map overlays show exactly when and where curb regulations are in effect and accurately models the impact of policy changes for intelligent planning.
Understand curbside regulations in an intuitive, visual display
Analyze the supply, usage, and revenues to make more informed decisions
Model and implement curbside regulations at scale
Efficiency and execution

Data Sharing & Collaboration

CurbIQ data standards and APIs break down operational silos to facilitate collaboration with internal and external partners.
Ensure 3rd parties (e.g. couriers, TNCs, navigation platforms, and CAVs) know the latest regulations
Provide API data sharing to curbside stakeholders
Standardized APIs powered by CDS to provide a standard method to share this information with the public
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Clients Around the World Choose CurbIQ

Whether using individual modules or our end-to-end solution, see how clients benefit from CurbIQ to create healthier, happier, and smarter cities.
Integrations & API

Aggregate and streamline curbside data from various sources

CurbIQ works seamlessly with third-party providers (e.g., parking vendors), ensuring interoperability and ease of deployment in any environment.


Parking performance data and insights


Camera-based real-time occupancy, and data analytics


Open Mobility Foundation


General Bike Feed Specification


General Transit Feed Specification


GIS Mapping Software
Rogelio Pardo
Program Director, Urban Movement Labs
"CurbIQ’s data collection process and platform for visualizing curb data provides public agencies with a powerful tool to manage the increasing demands for curb space in various communities in Los Angeles, as a result of new mobility options.
Tessa Williams
Business Service Analyst, Transit and Parking Strategy
"I am using CurbIQ to gain a better understanding of existing curbside regulations, and it’s been invaluable. The Curb Viewer tool has provided detailed insight into the conflicts and gaps in existing regulations, and the visual nature of the platform has helped identify issues I didn’t even know existed.
Curbside intelligence

Custom Insights & Reports

CurbIQ Custom Reports are an invaluable tool to enhance any city, airport or university’s curb management program. What does a CurbIQ Custom Report provide?
Detailed analysis and summary of available curbside data
Immediately actionable policy recommendations
Successful policy alignment with mobility, sustainability and revenue goals
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