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Digital solutions for curbside management

CurbIQ’s suite of software solutions and service offerings ensure that you can effectively practice digital curb management.

Curb Viewer

Helps municipalities, and residents better understand curbside regulations in an easy-to-navigate platform

Curb Manager

Helps municipal staff update regulations in a user-friendly interface and convey these changes effectively

Curb Analyzer

Lets users analyze the supply, usage, and revenues of curbside space to make more informed planning decisions

Curb Data Collection

We collect curbside data and other street assets using a variety of advanced processes to digitize your curbside

Curb Converter

Standardize curb regulations to align with an industry format (CurbLR or CDS) and to create open regulation data

Curb Rules API

Disseminate curbside regulations to 3rd parties (e.g. couriers, TNCs, navigation platforms, and CAVs)
CurbIQ projects

#1 Market Leader in Curbside Management

CurbIQ improves curb management to create healthier, happier, and smarter cities.

Dublin Digital Mapping and Management of the Kerbside

Dublin, in partnership with the SENATOR platform, retained CurbIQ to map out over 30 km of their curbside and are using the CurbIQ platform to visualize and understand curbside regulations as it relates to their logistics and delivery processes at the curb.

Arlington County Performance Parking System Solution

The County is implementing a dynamic pricing engine for over 5000 on-street paid parking spaces. CurbIQ is the systems integrator for the project, pulling in payment, parking rate, and sensor data into a central software for the County.

City of Columbus Dynamic Curb Lane Management System

CurbIQ digitized over 350 miles of curbside in Columbus, OH, using existing datasets, to help with a broader solution to effectively choose, manage, and analyze loading zones as part of their Dynamic Curb Lane Management System.

Ann Arbor Curbside Management Study

The Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority completed a study improve their understanding of curbside allocation in Ann Arbor, which involved CurbIQ’s Curb-Level Surveying processes to survey over 60 miles of curbside inventory.

Client Testimonial

I am using CurbIQ to gain a better understanding of existing curbside regulations, and it’s been invaluable. The Curb Viewer tool has provided detailed insight into the conflicts and gaps in existing curbside regulations, and the visual nature of the platform has helped identify issues that I previously didn’t even know existed. I can safely say that I’m impressed by the amount of helpful information that CurbIQ puts at my fingertips. I’m working away now on updating curbside bylaws with assistance from the platform, and am looking forward to a much faster and easier process.
Tessa Williams
Business Service Analyst, Transit and Parking Strategy

Partner Testimonial

Collaborating with CurbIQ to facilitate a pilot project in various communities in Los Angeles provided the opportunity to understand the capabilities of their augmented mobile mapping solution for digitizing curb regulations in different urban contexts. CurbIQ’s data collection process and platform for visualizing curb data provides public agencies with a powerful tool to manage the increasing demands for curb space, as a result of new mobility options. Throughout our partnership, the CurbIQ team was collaborative, thoughtful, and excited to test their solutions in new contexts to gain insights to improve solutions for cities.

Rogelio Pardo

Program Director, Urban Movement Labs

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Curbside challenges

Modern solutions for real world problems

Dive into the challenges that CurbIQ addresses by implementing effective solutions for curb management.

Confusing curbside regulations

Cities across the world share a similar challenge: understanding how their curb space has been designated, what the exact regulations are, and when or where these regulations apply. This makes curbside management difficult.  Signage is confusing and only provides information to drivers at the end of their journey, resulting in cruising for parking, rather than providing this information to drivers in advance and letting them plan ahead.

Increasing demand for a scarce resource

Rideshare apps, connected and automated vehicles, and other emerging trends in mobility are generating significant demands on the already limited curb space in cities. Add this to the existing growing needs of local residents, businesses, visitors, and couriers, and the result is an increase in demand at the curb that cannot be addressed by simply increasing supply.

Inefficient usage due to a lack of information

With information on curbside regulations only available once you arrive at the curb, drivers, rideshare users, and delivery vehicles compete for a handful of on-street spaces while just a block or two away curb space sits empty for most of the day.

The curbside is changing rapidly

City planners need to respond quickly to evolving circumstances and mandates, especially in times of uncertainty, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. Current methods to communicate curbside use changes, which include on-street signage, guidance on a website, or even mail-outs, are outdated and often ineffective. Digital infrastructure is the key to the future of the curb.

Digitizing the Curb: Curb Inventory Pilot Project

A comprehensive inventory of curb regulations is essential for cities to plan and manage their curbs in more innovative ways.
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