Digitize your curbside regulations and usage data

Curb data comes from many sources. CurbIQ consolidates it all into a single, centralized database.
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Data powers curb management

Curbside data at your fingertips

CurbIQ inventories your curbsides and integrates with third-party providers to create a single view of your data.

Seamless integrations

CurbIQ can easily consolidate data and APIs from external sources (e.g., parking providers, traffic sensors)

Ground surveying

CurbIQ maps existing curbside regulations to create a current, comprehensive, fully digitized record for ease of reference

Curb data conversion

CurbIQ uses industry-wide data standards (CDS, CurbLR, etc.) to ensure efficient communication and collaboration

World-class curb management starts with world-class data collection

How does CurbIQ data collection benefit you?
Centralize data sources

Many data sources, one database

Fully scalable (pilot zone, project area, city-wide)
Efficiency gains through curb digitization methods.
Curb digitization

Manual curb regulation surveys

Captures curb regulations, including time-of-day variations
Maps regulations and usage data with extremely high accuracy
Supports efficient communication of curb data to stakeholders
APIs & Integrations

Curb Converter

Generate a complete curbside inventory in industry-standard formats
Data standards (including CDS by the Open Mobility Foundation) ensure ease of data sharing
Ability to export in CurbLR, APDS, or any other standard required

Digitizing the Curb – An Efficient Path to Better Curbside Management

A comprehensive inventory of curb regulations is essential for cities to plan and manage their curbs in more innovative ways.
CurbIQ projects

Take curb management and revenue to the next level


Dublin Digital Mapping and Management of the Kerbside

36 curb kms / 22 curb miles digitized

City of Columbus Dynamic Curb Lane Management System

600 curb kms / 372 curb miles digitized

Urban Movement Labs Curb Digitization Pilot

104 curb kms / 65 curb miles digitized

City of Barrie Citywide Curbside Inventory

1180 curb kms / 733 curb miles digitized
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