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CurbIQ’s suite of software solutions and service offerings ensure that you can effectively practice digital curb management.

Digital solutions

The all-in-one curbside management software suite to understand, manage, and optimize your curbside across campus.

Data collection

CurbIQ quickly converts existing regulations into a complete digital curb inventory – for both on- and off-street areas.


Use CurbIQ for parking studies, mobility plans, active transportation projects, or any curbside project on campus.
HotSpot parking app integration

Visualize real-time occupancy for on- and off-street spaces in the HotSpot Parking App.

Allow drivers to navigate the nearest available parking space with real-time data and occupancy. Drivers will understand where they can and cannot park, reducing infractions and burden on university staff. Universities can implement adaptive parking prices, improve transportation conditions, and increase parking turnover.
Curbside solutions

Modern curbside solutions for higher education

Effective solutions for digital curb management on campus.
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Event management

Ensure a safe and successful curbside event

Whether it's a homecoming event or move-in day, communicate changes to curbside and road regulations to maintain safety and compliance.

Share temporary regulations

Digitally convey temporary regulations and their timeframe in advance to event-goers and community members.

Revert the curbside

After the event is complete, return back to the regular curbside configuration quickly.
CurbIQ on campus

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about CurbIQ for universities
Can CurbIQ be used for university research?
Absolutely! In fact, CurbIQ has already been used by students and professors to study the curb and provide a sandbox for optimal curbside configurations, parking studies, and capstone projects.
Can you collect a curbside inventory of the campus?
Yes – in fact, campus curbside regulations can be captured quickly and effectively through CurbIQ's mobile mapping processes.
What is your pricing model?
Our pricing is custom. Please reach out to find out which plan is right for you.
Can you integrate with other platforms to display real-time availability?
Absolutely. We can integrate with physical or digital solutions, ingest payment data, and more to show real-time availability of both on- and off-street parking spaces. We can display the availability on a map-based platform to assist with wayfinding and increase compliance.
Do you provide customer support?
Yes! Our team of parking, transportation, and curbside management professionals, as well as our dedicated software team, is always here to lend our expertise to ensure you get the most out of the platform.
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