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Dublin Digital Mapping and Management of the Kerbside

Dublin, in partnership with the SENATOR platform, retained CurbIQ to map out over 30 km of their curbside and are using the CurbIQ platform to visualize and understand curbside regulations as it relates to their logistics and delivery processes at the curb.

Arlington County Performance Parking System Solution

The County is implementing a dynamic pricing engine for over 5000 on-street paid parking spaces. CurbIQ is the systems integrator, pulling in payment, parking rate, and sensor data into a central software for the County, plus real time maps for the public.

City of Columbus Dynamic Curb Lane Management System

CurbIQ digitized over 350 miles of curbside in Columbus, OH, using existing datasets, to help with a broader solution to effectively choose, manage, and analyze loading zones as part of their Dynamic Curb Lane Management System.

Ann Arbor Curbside Management Study

The Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority completed a study improve their understanding of curbside allocation in Ann Arbor, which involved CurbIQ’s Curb-Level Surveying processes to survey over 60 miles of curbside inventory.

SCAG – Curb Space Management Strategy

The 200-city SCAG region developed a comprehensive and multimodal review of complex curbside locations. CurbIQ helped collect the curbside inventory, digitize it, and analyze supply and demand changes and tradeoffs at 12 sites in 4 cities.

Urban Movement Labs Curb Digitization Pilot

CurbIQ partnered with Urban Movement Labs in Los Angeles to examine curb data inventory collection techniques such as manual data collection by foot, and automated data collection using a vehicle-mounted camera.

Bloor & Danforth-Kingston Complete Street Extensions

CurbIQ was used to help Arcadis IBI Group’s Transportation Planning team with the existing conditions review, consultation, design, and regulation management for the extended bike lanes along the Bloor-Danforth corridor.

CaféTO, Curbside Patios, Toronto

The City of Toronto implemented the CaféTO program during COVID-19 that created curb lane patios for over 1,000 restaurants. CurbIQ digitized curbside regulations, transit stops, and speed limits for designers and transportation safety specialists to analyze potential sites.

City of Barrie Citywide Curbside Inventory

CurbIQ digitized over 1100 kms of curbside in Barrie, ON. The City used Curb Viewer, Curb Manager, and Curb Analyzer to review curbside regulations, understand different curbside possibilities, and make changes to implement new curbside policies.

Jasper Paid Parking Program Analytics

The Municipality of Jasper conducted a summer on-street paid parking pilot in 2021 and 2022. Using a digital-first approach, Jasper was able to maximize their parking program with 99% digital payments and only 2 payment stations. Data obtained from the pilot was analyzed to guide council decisions on residential permit parking, summer parking, off-street parking and future planning.
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