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Visualize curbside information and real-time curb occupancy in the HotSpot Parking App. Allocate and navigate to nearest curb for specific queried user groups such as delivery drivers or fleets.
Boost your city's revenue

Monetize your parking with HotCurb

All of your transportation payments in the palm of your hand. Save time and money on the go with the HotSpot App.

Parking on the Go

Top up and pay from your phone. Avoid tickets with alerts and remote top-up and save money by refunding unfinished sessions.

Take a Taxi

Order a cab from your phone. Get fare estimates and wait times, track your ride and pay from your phone. See your savings and check your account balance.
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Ride Transit

Pay for tickets or passes from your phone. Tap to ride, keep track of your passes digitally and track your bus with real-time route updates and alerts on delays.

Watch Your Savings Grow

So many ways to save. Refund unused time, avoid tickets, merchant parking validation and Parking Extender: it all adds up. Track your savings on your dashboard.

Who is HotCurb for?

All of your transportation payments in the palm of your hand. Save time and money on the go with the HotSpot App.

Cities, towns and counties

Digitize your city's curbside regulations with CurbIQTM to better understand how your curbs are working today, and how to improve operations in the future.

Educational institutions

Improve curbside management, curb operations, and planning for the future of your campus.


Manage and operate the high-demand curbside drop-off and pick-up, streamlining operations.
CurbIQ solutions

World class data collection and software applications for curb side management

The all-in-one curbside management software suite to understand, manage, and optimize your curbside.
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Curb Viewer

Helps municipalities, businesses, and residents better understand their curbside regulations in an easy-to-navigate platform
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Curb Manager

Helps municipal staff update regulations in a user-friendly interface and convey these changes effectively
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Curb Analyzer

Lets users analyze the supply, usage, and revenues of curbside space to make more informed planning decisions
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Curb Collection

We collect curbside data and street assets using a variety of advanced processes
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Curb Converter

Digitizes and standardizes city’s regulations to align with an industry standard format (CurbLR or CDS) and to create open regulation data
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Curb Rules API

Disseminate curbside regulations to 3rd parties(E.g. couriers, TNCs, navigation platforms, and CAVs)
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