96 curb kms / 60 curb miles digitized

Ann Arbor Curbside Management Study

The Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority completed a study improve their understanding of curbside allocation in Ann Arbor, which involved CurbIQ’s Curb-Level Surveying processes to survey over 60 miles of curbside inventory.

In support of a study led by Walker Consultants, CurbIQ was used to provide curbside data collection, processing, visualization, and analysis for the downtown area of Ann Arbor, consisting of over 60 curb miles of curbside inventory. The Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority (DDA) completed this study to have a better understanding of curbside allocation in Ann Arbor and to obtain a toolkit of solutions on how to better utilize curb space for end users.

Curb Converter’s Curb-Level Surveying  processes were used to survey the curbside by walking streets while capturing all relevant information from signage to parking meters and curb cuts. Due to tight timelines, efficient route planning, survey coordination, effective training, and timely surveying was all required to meet the schedule. This data was then processed to generate a digital curb inventory and uploaded to Curb Viewer with access provided to DDA staff and the Walker Consultants project team.

Demand data from parking meters was also standardized and ingested by the CurbIQ team onto Curb Analyzer for visualization and analysis purposes. The CurbIQ platform enabled the consultants to quickly understand curbside allocation, with dashboard summaries of the entire DDA zone broken down by hour and regulation, with associated revenues, occupancies, and users indicated.

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