27 curb kms / 17 curb miles digitized

Arlington County Performance Parking System Solution

The County is implementing a dynamic pricing engine for over 5000 on-street paid parking spaces. CurbIQ is the systems integrator, pulling in payment, parking rate, and sensor data into a central software for the County, plus real time maps for the public.

In collaboration with eleven-X and ParkHub (formerly known as Smarking), CurbIQ plays a key role of the parking system solution customized for Arlington County, Virginia. Parking spaces, both paid parking and accessible parking, are digitized and visualized on CurbIQ’s platform.

CurbIQ serves as the systems integrator that pulls in occupancy data from the sensors, proposed parking rates from the pricing engine, and transaction data from third party payment apps to visualize them all on CurbIQ’s different suites of products: Curb Viewer, Public Facing Curb Viewer, Curb Manager, and Curb Analyzer. The parking segments were digitized using the parking space dataset provided by the County.

Curb Viewer is used to visualize parking inventory information as well as real time parking availability using sensor occupancy data. Curb Manager is used whenever there is a change in parking rates or regulations – the County can review the proposed changes in both tabular and map views. Curb Analyzer let users go further by analyzing these proposed changes in customizable dashboards to make an informed decision before accepting, adjusting, or rejecting a change. Curb Analyzer enables the County to understand users’ parking behaviour, relate supply and demand, and be a central location for parking performance info.

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