12 000 m of patio space / 1000 restaurant patios / 54 curb km / 34 curb miles digitized

CaféTO, Curbside Patios, Toronto

The City of Toronto implemented the CaféTO program during COVID-19 that created curb lane patios for over 1,000 restaurants. CurbIQ digitized curbside regulations, transit stops, and speed limits for designers and transportation safety specialists to analyze potential sites.

The CaféTO program was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic to expand local businesses and create more public spaces by creating more than 12,000 metres of on-street curbside patio space. Arcadis IBI Group worked with the City to establish stretches of the curb lane that could be safely transformed into patio space, while maintaining the necessary infrastructure for vehicular and active transportation.

Arcadis IBI staff used CurbIQ for visualization of paid parking spaces, speed limits, and curbside constraints such as fire hydrants and bus stops, as well as the proposed CaféTO installations. CurbIQ also provided links to the restaurant’s façade for designers to visually inspect physical properties using Google Streetview. Staff then performed a high-level analysis of each location to review the on-street patio requirements, such as distance from transit stops and fire hydrants, were met.

The number of paid parking spots replaced by curbside patios were quantified in to understand the economic impact in parking revenues. To facilitate this process, CurbIQ generated this info in Curb Analyzer to quantify the number of paid parking spaces and associated parking rates.

This project showcases digitization of data and automation of planning processes to increase efficiency. The City of Toronto made the CaféTO program permanent in February 2023, shifting the way we understand the urban public realm and flexibility of transportation infrastructure.

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