1180 curb kms / 733 curb miles digitized

City of Barrie Citywide Curbside Inventory

CurbIQ digitized over 1100 kms of curbside in Barrie, ON. The City used Curb Viewer, Curb Manager, and Curb Analyzer to review curbside regulations, understand different curbside possibilities, and make changes to implement new curbside policies.

CurbIQ implemented Curb Viewer, Curb Manager, and Curb Analyzer for the entire City of Barrie, to create a visual platform to view regulations and transportation assets and allow easy rectification of inaccuracies within the city’s regulations. This implementation covered nearly 1200 curb kms (750 curb miles). The first task was to use Curb Converter to generate digitized curbside data which involved coordination with the City to gather relevant information, running Curb Converter’s Open Data Automation processes on the city’s available open data to create a digital curb inventory, and standardizing the data to upload to the platform. Thorough Quality Control processes were involved to ensure accuracy, as well as creating a flexible process to accommodate configurable features for the City. The platform was used by various city staff, but one use case of note was the platform helping the City identify the spatial gaps between their paid and residential permit parking, so that they could avoid visitors parking for free along the edge of high demand areas. The City has been impressed with the tools, noting:

“[CurbIQ] has provided detailed insight into the conflicts and gaps in existing curbside regulations, and the visual nature of the platform has helped identify issues that I previously didn’t even know existed.”

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