600 curb kms / 372 curb miles digitized

City of Columbus Dynamic Curb Lane Management System

CurbIQ digitized over 350 miles of curbside in Columbus, OH, using existing datasets, to help with a broader solution to effectively choose, manage, and analyze loading zones as part of their Dynamic Curb Lane Management System.

In a study led by Conduent, the City of Columbus was looking for a solution to effectively select, manage, and analyze loading zones throughout the city to streamline logistics operations and minimize traffic issues. For the Dynamic Curb Lane Management System (DCLM) to function, existing curbside conditions of the Parking Demand Zone (PDZ), consisting of over 350 miles of curbside, was needed in a digital format. The CurbIQ team deployed Curb Converter’s Open Data Automation processes to clean, convert, and standardize a myriad of open data sources (including signage datasets, parking meter locations, and past surveys of curbside) to generate a complete digital curbside inventory for the PDZ in CurbLR format. Curb Converter processes enabled the team to complete this work in under 2 months without having to step foot on Columbus streets.

This data was then provided to the DCLM team on CurbIQ’s Curb Viewer platform and is being used to select optimal locations for loading zones based on existing zones and surrounding regulations. Curb Viewer is also being used by the City to view and understand their curb regulation data for planning purposes.

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