36 curb kms / 22 curb miles digitized

Dublin Digital Mapping and Management of the Kerbside

Dublin, in partnership with the SENATOR platform, retained CurbIQ to map out over 30 km of their curbside and are using the CurbIQ platform to visualize and understand curbside regulations as it relates to their logistics and delivery processes at the curb.

Dublin, Ireland serves as one of the two living labs to test out the effectiveness of the SENATOR Project, which will develop a new urban logistic model to promote better urban mobility governance. Additionally, it will enable new market opportunities in collaboration with citizens, operators, transporters and administrations. CurbIQ was used to map out over 30km of their curbside which covered most of the Temple Bar area. With the ease of visualizing and understanding curbside regulations in Curb Viewer, Dublin can pinpoint the most pressing logistics and delivery issues at the curb.

Curb Converter’s Curb-Level Surveying processes were used to survey the curbside on foot while capturing all relevant information from signage to parking meters to curb cuts. This data was then processed to generate a digital curb inventory and uploaded to the CurbIQ platform with access provided to Dublin City staff as well as partners of the SENATOR Project.

Curb Rules API was implemented to enable third party mobility companies, such as the postal operator, to access the curbside information in CDS format for better route planning and more efficient deliveries. This also prevented illegal use of the curbside and helps reduce potential conflicts at the curb between different curb users.  SENATOR also used this API to integrate this data directly with their mobility management platform.

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