Jasper Paid Parking Program Analytics

The Municipality of Jasper conducted a summer on-street paid parking pilot in 2021 and 2022. Using a digital-first approach, Jasper was able to maximize their parking program with 99% digital payments and only 2 payment stations. Data obtained from the pilot was analyzed to guide council decisions on residential permit parking, summer parking, off-street parking and future planning.

Jasper is a famous tourist town, known for its outstanding natural beauty and its strategic location nestled in the Canadian Rockies. Summer is the town’s busiest season which means more vehicles fighting for parking spaces.

Existing Issues / Challenges

  • Administering many different residential permits
  • Impact of residential permits on available visitor parking spaces
  • Better understanding potential revenue generated from visitors and impacts of changing rates and expanding paid parking coverage

CurbIQ Analytics

Parking payment data was obtained from HotSpot, the sole payment app provider in Jasper. HotSpot processed 99% digital payments using QR code sign technology or the HotSpot Parking app. The Town only invested in 2 payment stations. The data collected from May to October 2022 was analyzed and various metrics were calculated including number of parking sessions, dwell time, revenues collected, and occupancy.

Custom Insights & Recommendations

A final report was generated to document insights gained from their summer 2022 paid parking and resident parking permit programs. Some recommendations included making the paid parking pilot to be a year-round program, converting low usage parking lots into other purposes and having a streamlined resident permit program.

Additional Add-Ons:

  • Real-Time Occupancy: providing live occupancy to the public can allow residents and visitors alike to make better parking decisions.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: the public response to changes in policy can be tracked and trends detected to ensure impacts are as expected and benefits realized.
The report was created as  a one-off for City Council, but Jasper has plans to continue these reports on an annual basis to inform future planning

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