40 curb kms / 25 curb miles digitized

SCAG – Curb Space Management Strategy

The 200-city SCAG region developed a comprehensive and multimodal review of complex curbside locations. CurbIQ helped collect the curbside inventory, digitize it, and analyze supply and demand changes and tradeoffs at 12 sites in 4 cities.

Arcadis IBI Group helped the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) develop a comprehensive and multimodal review of complicated curbside locations in the six-county, nearly 200-city SCAG region, making this the largest curbside management strategy ever completed in North America. Through this study, the Team reviewed some of the busiest curb space locations within the SCAG region and then identified issues and developed strategies, policies, and technological solutions to address curb space challenges for cities across the region.

CurbIQ was used by Arcadis IBI Group to help collect and analyze the curbside inventory in 12 sites across 4 focus cities – Santa Monica, Santa Ana, Riverside, and Anaheim. CurbIQ also ingested demand data from a variety of sources for each site. Surveyors were deployed across multiple cities, with unique data captured in each. Effective coordination with surveyors, data processing, and standardization was required. Curb-Level Surveying was primarily used for this project due to the multiple locations that were small in size. This study culminated in the identification of shovel-ready pilot project concepts to help SCAG region cities move as rapidly as possible from collaborating with stakeholders to identifying hot spots and key issues to implementing solutions.



Santa Ana

Santa Monica

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