104 curb kms / 65 curb miles digitized

Urban Movement Labs Curb Digitization Pilot

CurbIQ partnered with Urban Movement Labs in Los Angeles to examine curb data inventory collection techniques such as manual data collection by foot, and automated data collection using a vehicle-mounted camera.

CurbIQ teamed up with Urban Movement Labs (UML) in Los Angeles to complete a demonstration of CurbIQ’s Curb Converter data collection techniques in targeted areas across Los Angeles County. The goal was to understand the curb inventory collection scalability in the Los Angeles context. The data collection techniques used were data collection by foot (Curb-Level Surveying with a CurbWheel) and automated data collection using a vehicle-mounted camera (Augmented Mobile Mapping). These collection techniques were implemented in four unique areas, including Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles, to represent the range of curbsides and surrounding environments found across cities.

The results, published in a report by UML, demonstrated that a blended surveying approach, comprised of mobile mapping in low-to-medium-density areas and pedestrian surveying in dense areas, is a scalable and economical solution to digitize curbs in cities like Los Angeles across North America. Data was also provided on the Curb Viewer visualization platform and an API from CurbIQ was also provided to key partners within UML around the Warner Center for future data integration.

South Park, Downtown LA



Warner Center

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