Campus Planning and Mobility Management

Curbside and parking management solutions for higher education campuses. Managing mobility options, curbside usage, and real-time parking occupancy maps.

Curbside and parking management solutions for higher education campuses. Managing mobility options, curbside usage, and real-time parking occupancy maps.

CurbIQ offers a holistic overview of the parking and mobility supply and demand for a university or college campus.

Real-time parking occupancy and availability are visualized through the Curb Viewer module that is also available as a public-facing map that can be embedded on a campus website. This provides an overview of curb usage and parking utilization for planning purposes. Additionally, it enables users to access up-to-date information on parking spaces on- and off-street, allowing them to make informed decisions and find available spots quickly.

Mobility- and parking-related wayfinding information is communicated through digital maps. This benefits both daily users (students and faculty) and infrequent users (for example, visitors for a graduation ceremony or alumni attending a sports event). Temporary changes and events on campus can be managed through Curb Manager. Additional curbside uses, such as ride-share or delivery vehicles, can be directed to specific designated zones..

Understand, plan, and allocate sustainable mobility options and EV charging infrastructure by creating scenarios. This ensures convenient and sustainable transportation options are available throughout the campus.. Special zones for shared mobility (car-share, PU-DO, bike share, e-scooters) can be managed, analyzed and communicated to these users.

Overall, this digital solution optimizes parking resources, improves mobility, and enhances communication with end users. It communicates real-time parking information, streamlines deliveries, promotes accessibility and EV charging, and supports sustainable transportation choices.

George Washington University, Washington DC

Carleton University, Ottawa ON

University of Toronto

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Use cases

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EV Charging

CurbIQ provides real-time data on EV-charging infrastructure for end users and enables data-driven managing and planning of city-wide EV infrastructure.
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Event Venue Wayfinding

Provide an interactive map embedded on event websites so attendees can locate nearby mobility options, find parking, and identify event specific locations
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Managing Curbside Food Trucks

Curbside management for Food Truck e-permitting and scheduling. Dynamic management allows cities to respond to events or real-time high-demand activity.​
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Curbside Sustainability Targets

CurbIQ’s map-based interface is a tool that can help policy makers and analysts develop, plan, track, evaluate, and report on their customized sustainability targets.
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