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Modern revenue solutions for airports

Elevate traveler experience, optimize parking revenue, and drive data-driven airport policies with our innovative, and integrated solution designed for airports of all sizes.

Enhanced user experience

Reduce traveler frustration with efficient parking solutions and digital interfaces.

Reduced congestion

Direct drivers to available spots quickly, reducing congestion and minimizing idle times at curbs.

Optimized revenue

Utilize dynamic pricing to maximize parking revenue, especially during peak travel times.
Curbside solutions

Empowering airports with smart parking

Navigating efficiency with Innovation
Revenue optimization

Increase parking sales with dynamic pricing

Implement dynamic pricing models, adjusting prices in real-time based on demand, ensuring optimal utilization of parking spaces.

Data from parking sensors is synthesized with CurbIQ’s digital curb model, providing a real-time, holistic view of curbside usage and parking availability.
Data-Driven Decisions
Ongoing Optimization
Sustainable Solution
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Dashboard mockup
Smarter parking lots

Faster, safer and smarter parking.

We have the tools you need to you make your lots easier to navigate while eliminating excess traffic, enhancing safety, and decision making.

Reduce traffic congestion

Make it easier and faster for people to park their cars and move on with their days.

Real-time information

Make informed decisions about how to manage your parking resources with data usage statistics..
Other CurbIQ projects

#1 choice for digitizing the curb

CurbIQ is the market leader with the most projects deployed

Dublin Digital Mapping and Management of the Kerbside

Dublin, in partnership with the SENATOR platform, retained CurbIQ to map out over 30 km of their curbside and are using the CurbIQ platform to visualize and understand curbside regulations as it relates to their logistics and delivery processes at the curb.

Arlington County Performance Parking System Solution

The County is implementing a dynamic pricing engine for over 5000 on-street paid parking spaces. CurbIQ is the systems integrator for the project, pulling in payment, parking rate, and sensor data into a central software for the County. We are also creating real time maps for the public so they can see where they can park.

City of Columbus Dynamic Curb Lane Management System

CurbIQ digitized over 350 miles of curbside in Columbus, OH, using existing datasets, to help with a broader solution to effectively choose, manage, and analyze loading zones as part of their Dynamic Curb Lane Management System.

Ann Arbor Curbside Management Study

The Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority completed a study improve their understanding of curbside allocation in Ann Arbor, which involved CurbIQ’s Curb-Level Surveying processes to survey over 60 miles of curbside inventory.
CurbIQ for airports

Frequently asked questions

How does CurbIQ and Parking Logix optimize parking revenue for airports?
By employing dynamic pricing strategies, informed by real-time data from Parking Logix sensors and CurbIQ’s digitized curb management system, airports can adjust parking prices to reflect current demand, ensuring optimal utilization and maximized revenue.
How difficult is the implementation process, and how long does it typically take?
The implementation process is designed to be seamless and minimally disruptive. The timeframe can vary depending on the size and complexity of the airport's parking facilities but is typically executed with efficiency as a priority.
How secure is the data, and what are the safeguards against potential cyber threats?
Both CurbIQ and Parking Logix prioritize data security, employing robust cybersecurity protocols, including encryption and secure data storage, to safeguard against unauthorized access and protect user data.
Can the system integrate with existing airport apps or digital platforms?
Yes, the solutions can be integrated with existing airport apps and platforms to provide a unified user experience and leverage existing digital infrastructure.
How will this system benefit smaller airports with limited parking facilities?
Even for smaller airports, optimizing parking through dynamic pricing and enhancing user experience can lead to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Plus, efficient curbside management helps in reducing congestion and ensuring smooth operations.
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HotSpot parking app integration

Visualize real-time parking occupancy in the HotSpot Parking App.

Allow drivers to navigate the nearest available parking space with real-time data and occupancy. Drivers will understand where they can and cannot park, reducing infractions and burden on university staff. This integration allows universities to implement adaptive parking prices, improve transportation conditions, and increase parking turnover.